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Looking for a taxi company in Carlisle? Book your taxi now

Taxi – Call us now on 01228 812612

Looking for a Taxi or a taxi company in Carlisle? Then why not call us on 01228 812612.

Carlisle taxi company is at 21 Ferguson Road Carlisle. This is approximately 0.6 miles from the Carlisle train station.


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              Taxi number – 01228 812612

Book your cab:

If you’re looking to book a taxi please call us now on what 01228 812612. The turn-around time for you to get a cab should be approximately 20 minutes. Yet, we will do our best to get a cab to you within the time frame.

How to book your taxis:

When you call us please be specific about where you are and where you wish to go. We also need some details about the number of people travelling with you so that we can send the right taxis for you.

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             How to book your taxis?

If you need a taxi with a wheelchair access please mention that to the operator. You also need to inform the operator what time you need to be picked up. `

Card payment accepted in our taxis:

We accept card `payments on all our taxis. The card payments accepted for a fare which is above £30. For the fare below £30 we accept cash payments.

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        We accept all payments above £30

If you need a receipt for the cab fare which you have paid please ask the driver. He will give you a receipt when you finish your journey.

Non smoking and vaping in all our taxis:


taxi, Carlisle Taxi Company

      No smoking, vaping, food or drinks.

Smoking, vaping, eating food in the taxis, drinking in the taxis is prohibited. If you feel sick please let the taxi driver know. They will stop the cab until you feel comfortable.

Sickness charge:

If you call sick in the taxis which may cause disturbance in our services, a cleaning fee up to £30 is payable by you.

Complaint about unclean taxis:

All our taxis are clean and tidy. If you find our taxis unclean please report to us at we need the following details when you want to complain.
1. Your contact number
2. Your email address
3. The date and time of travel
4. The taxi registration number you had travelled.

We will investigate your complaint and action it as per our company policy.

Eating food is not recommended:

Consuming food in the taxis has become a common practice. This is especially seen on a Friday and Saturday night in Carlisle. We recommend you to refrain eating in the taxis. This is because even though our taxis are clean, we cannot assure you they are free of any infection.

We take all measures to disinfect the taxis when someone fall sick in it. But, prevention is better than cure. So we recommend that you refrain eating food in the taxis.

If you still continue eating food in the taxis you are doing this at your own risk. Yet, we expect you leave the cab with the same amount of cleanliness at the time of your boarding.

Please ensure the next passenger boarding the cab is getting a clean cab too.

Lost property:

When you complete your journey ensure that you take all your belongings with you. We are not responsible for any of your belongings lost or stolen. If you find any of your belongings in our taxis we will make efforts to call you. You can call us to check if your belongings are left in our taxis too.

In the event if you want your belongings to deliver to your place we will be happy to do so. You will have to pay the metre fare of the cab from our office.

If you’re not in a rush, we will have it delivered at your house within the city limits for free of cost. In this case we cannot give you a perfect timing on when it will be delivered on that day. We deliver within 48 hours from the time we have received your complaint. You may also come to the office and collect your belongings too.