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Taxis near me or Taxi Company near me

Taxis near me  – Your travel search ends here

“Taxis near me” or “taxi company near me” or “Cab near me” are the terms used by people to find a taxi quickly for their travel. So if you have searched in google using any of these keywords, then your travel search ends here. You are on the right page.

If you are searching for a “taxi near me” or “taxi around my location” for your travel, then we would assume that you will not read this article any further. It is because your main interest is to get a taxi as quickly as possible. So, there is nothing to worry as 99% of the people would do the same. 

If you are a student or a regular blog reader or a content writer, then we are sure you have searched for these terms with a purpose. So, here we go.

The purpose of writing this article is for two reasons. The first reason is to provide advice for the user or customer. The tips are on getting the right taxi by giving the correct information. The second reason is to provide information so that the user can understand how a taxi business works.

What do we do when we want to book a taxi?

Gone are those days when we used to search in the telephone directory or call a directory enquiry to give us a few taxi company numbers around us. Things have changed over the last two decades. It is now the age of smartphones. The whole world is on the fingertips if you have a smartphone and an internet connection. 


Taxis near me; Taxi Company near me

Google Search – Taxis near me

What we usually do these days is search for cabs using the following keywords. They are such as “taxi near me” or a “cabs around the area” or “taxi company near me” or “cabs near or around my location”. The result of this is that Google shows a list of taxi companies near us with a few details. They are like taxi company phone numbers, Google reviews, taxi company address with a map and a brief description of the taxi services. At this point, most of them will use various criteria to select a taxi company. Majority of them will use the first company on the list provided by Google. But actually, there is a catch which most of them don’t realize. So, what’s the catch?

Taxis near me or Taxi near me

Let me explain what is the catch here. When you search in Google using either of the above phrases, then Google is showing you the name of the taxi company near you and not a taxi near you. Google tries to match a taxi company with your smartphone location. So the question is, are you getting the correct result for your search?

Cab around my location; Cab near me

Google search

The answer is No. It would have been Yes if you had searched for a taxi company near me. This is where most of them miss the point. The point what we are trying to stress here is that you do not find a taxi near you using Google search. Google can’t do it unless the law of the land permits it. So what is Google showing you?

Why can’t Google show a cab near to me?

Google can’t do it because Google can’t track each cab. It is possible when each cab or Cabbie or cab services gives access to GPS installed in their cabs to Google. The law in the majority of the countries does not permit it since there is a question of privacy and security issues involved. It is as simple as this. Why will you share your location details to a stranger?. Hence, what Google does is that it give you the list of cab companies or taxi services asking you to choose the right one. So the onus of choosing the right cab company or taxi services is on you.

If that is the case then, how quickly am I getting a cab?

To answer this question, I need to make you understand how the cab company or their services operate. Let me continue from the search results. 

Let us assume that we found Carlisle Taxis Limited in the Google search. So we dialled their number 01228 812612 and spoke to the operator. We have given the details that we are waiting at Aldi on Dalston road and we are going to Carlisle train station. 

After this point, the cab operator does the data entry into the cab dispatch system. After the data entry, your booking is displayed on the taxi dispatch job portal. The dispatch system has several GPS controlled PDA’s ( Personal Digital Assistant) allocated to each cabbie. 

What PDA’s do?

These PDA’s have to be switched on for the cabbie to get the jobs. Usually, they switch on when cabbies start their jobs and switch off after they finish their shift. It is done manually by the cabbies. These PDA’s share their location only with the taxi dispatch software.




Hence, the taxi dispatch software system will be able to tell the operator which taxi is on the job near Aldi. It also gives the cab operator the information on how many cabs from the Carlisle taxis limited are working at that hour. How many of them are busy on a job and how many are waiting at the taxi rank. It also provides information as to how many cabs from Carlisle taxis limited are waiting for a job at each taxi rank. The statistics of the number of cabs waiting at Carlisle train station, Penny Blue and B & M cab ranks are also given.

This information helps the cab operator to make a judgement. If the cab is already on the job to drop a customer on Stanhope Road in Carlisle, the operator will wait for the cabbie to complete his job. It is because Aldi on Dalston road is close to Stanhope road. Technically, it is the fastest service that the cab operator can provide you. So, the nearest cab to you is the one on Stanhope road rather than the one at Carlisle train station.

What happens if there is no cab near me on a job?

The honest answer is, it depends upon your luck. Road conditions and traffic also add to this during your travel. At this point, the cab operators real talent and expertise comes into the picture. The operator has to assign the job to the cabbie who is available on the cab rank. 

What is the right choice?

Now you have understood as to how the cab business operators it is prudent that you choose the right cab company. Once you have chosen the cab company ask the operator how long will it take for the cab to arrive?. It is worth it that you wait for the cab to arrive rather than booking multiple cab companies at once for the same journey.  Make the right choice for your travel to be smooth and pleasant. 

Taxi near me now phone number

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