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Taxi from Carlisle to Manchester Airport


Carlisle to Manchester Airport

Are you looking for an airport taxi from Carlisle to Manchester airport? Then dial 01228 812613. Our taxi company has a separate airport division which handles all airport transfers. We have regular airport transfers from:

Carlisle to Newcastle airport

Carlisle to Manchester airport

Carlisle to Glasgow airport

Carlisle to Liverpool airport and

Carlisle to Edinburgh airport.

Distance and time

The distance from Carlisle to Manchester airport is 128 miles approximately. It takes two hours and thirty minutes for you to reach the airport in normal traffic conditions.

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Taxi transfers from Carlisle to all airports in UK

Types of taxis available

Saloon taxis

We have saloon taxis available for Manchester Airport Taxi services. These taxis accommodate up to four passengers. Two pieces of baggage’s fits best in these types of taxis. Saloon taxis have reasonable space and offers a pleasant, comfortable and quiet ride. This makes it a good option for a cost effective yet relaxed trip.

6-seater taxis

We have six-seater taxis available for airport services. These taxis accommodate up to six passengers. Five pieces of baggage’s fits best in these types of taxis. They are best for a family which also makes it a smooth transfer to the airport.

7-seater taxis

Seven-seater taxis are the preferred taxi chosen by our customers. This taxi is not only spacious, but also can accommodate 7 passengers. It can also carry up to six good sized baggage’s. You have the excitement doubled when you are travelling with your friends or family. Taxi Company at Manchester Airport is the right choice to make.

8-seater taxis

These taxis are suitable for 6 passengers and up to 8 passengers. These taxis are also spacious and can carry up to seven baggage’s.

Prices from Carlisle to Manchester Airport

The regular price for airport transfers differ from time to time. The following are the approximate prices which are as follows

One-way trip:

Day rate: From 7 am to 11 pm: £225

Night rate: From 11pm to 7am: £260

Bank holiday rate: £300

Return on the same day:

Day rate: From 7 am to 11 pm: £350

Night rate: From 11pm to 7am: £400

Bank holiday rate: £500

Return on two different dates:

Day rate: From 7 am to 11 pm: £400

Night rate: From 11pm to 7am: £500

Bank holiday rate: £550

Please contact us on 01228 812613 to check if there are any current offers which you can avail. A call could save you few pounds in your pocket. Why not take the benefit??


We accept all types of card payments, cash and bank transfers. You may choose which is convenient for you to make the payment. These payments cover the taxi parking fee. The driver will pay this fee at the airports. You will also be covered under free insurance. This insurance will cover your taxi travel from Carlisle to airport and vice versa.

Cancellation and refunds:

Full refund, if cancelled 48 hours before the planned journey. 10% deduction is applicable if the cancellation is less than 24 hours. We will transfer the money to your bank account within five working days.

Waiting charges:

We will need your fight details to track your arrival timing. Waiting charges is free for the first hour. £10 per hour is applicable from there on. In the event if you miss the flight please call the office number and let us know. If you don’t inform us and our driver waits at the airport for you then we will take this as a completion of the trip. You will need to re-book the taxi with us and a full price will be applicable as available on that day.

If you need any other information, please let us know. You can email us at or call us on 01228 812613[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]