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Southwark Taxi operators leverage the Taxicode network for taxi bookings done by corporates | Taxis in Carlisle 01228 812612

The latest in the series is the membership to the Taxicode Network that allows their corporate clients to easily order and hire Southwark taxis as many times as possible and from any location in the UK. Moreover, no matter at which time of the day a Southwark taxi is booked, the hire charges are consistent and uniform and consistent throughout.

The way Taxicode works for Sothwark Taxi is as follows:

Assume that there is a corporate traveler who wants to travel from London Heathrow to Westminster. All that he needs to do is telephone Southwark Taxi and the free taxi that is nearest to his location will reach him as quickly as possible. He can travel in the taxi and pay up on reaching his destination using the Taxicode allotted to the corporate traveller. Next day the same process can be followed in case he wants to travel from Westminster to Piccadilly Circus. The same cycle can continue for the rest of the month and pick up and drop can be done from any part of the UK. At the end of the month accounts are reviewed and settled by one administrator who has full access to the Taxicode account.

What are the advantages of Taxicode for Southwark Taxi?

The biggest advantage of the Taxicode network is that corporate users need not pay different rates for booking taxis and irrespective of the fact that how many taxis are booked by how many users, the rates are the same. On top of that flexible payment options at the end of the month make it sound like an attractive business opportunity. Obviously this is the reason that Southwark taxi operators are increasing their order bookings as a result of their membership with Taxicode.

What is the feedback of Southwark Taxi about Taxicode?

A few Southwark taxi operators have expressed their satisfaction by using Taxicode whereas other who are new users to the System have adopted a wait and watch policy. In case they see positive results emerging from the membership, Carlisle Taxi Company, then they would take membership of Taxicode as well.

Taxicode officials are optimistic of the future acceptance of Taxicode by taxi operators in the UK especially Southwark taxi operators. Taxicode is expected to roll out future improvements and upgrades in the Taxicode system so that it becomes even more productive and useful for the taxi operators.

Feedback of corporates towards Taxicode

Corporates on the other hand are increasingly satisfied with Taxicode as it enables them to manage different user accounts with a single login as well as get reports of taxi travelling expenses incurred by different employees of the corporate. Not only that reports can also be generated historically for expenses done 12 months ago or over a defined period of time. Reports can be generated as printouts or shared over the internet or through email.