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Carlisle Train Station

Located at Carlisle Train Station, taxis from Carlisle Taxi company will wait to pick you & your family on your arrival. We are known for reliable service.

Taxi to Train station & Taxi from train station:  

Train station in Carlisle is situated at Court Square, Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1QZ. Ticket office opening hours: Monday – Friday – 05:00 to 20:00 Saturday – 05:00 to 20:00 Sunday – 09:00 to 20:00 

There is a taxi rank too for your convenience. But the advantage of booking a cab from a company is something different. Let us explain how? 

Carlisle station taxis

Let’s assume that you are arriving at the Carlisle train station or bus station in the next two hours. You have not booked the taxi yet. Then, what are the option you have? You visit the taxi rank which outside the Carlisle train station or bus station. Walking to your destination could be the other option. You may use other public transport. But how about a taxi waiting for you at a train station or bus station before your arrival? Will that not save your time? Don’t you feel privileged? That is the kind of taxi service we provide. We all have one life to live and lets make life simple.

Carlisle train station taxis


Train waiting at Carlisle station

Taxis at Carlisle train station

Wheel chair access available at Carlisle station

New trains now arriving at Carlisle train station

Carlisle station platforms

Back view of Carlisle Train Station

Back entrance from Carlisle train station to Tesco Metro and Victoria Viaduct

Taxi from Carlisle bus or train station – What is the advantage of booking a taxi?

Let us assume that you have not booked the taxi service but wish you take a taxi from the taxi rank. When you arrive at the taxi rank, you find a long queue ahead of you. Secondly, the taxis are busy because of the rush hour. Then, you decide to book a taxi service which does not sound right. Hence we recommend you to book a cab in advance to save time. Taxi service from Carlisle train station is out there from our company. Please contact us on 01228 812612 to book our service.

When you hire a taxi service from us, you have absolute peace of mind. When you hire a taxi service from us you save time. Time is money and wasting time is ….?

You get into our taxi, you will realize the difference and you will be proud of your decision. So get in touch with us and we will take over from there on.

Carlisle train station ticket office is at the entrance to the train station. They are open from 5:00am until08:00pm.

Facilities at Carlisle Train Station

  • Accessible Public Telephones
  • Help Points
  • Impaired Accessible Booking Office Counter
  • Impared Access Staff
  • Impaired Accessible Ticket Machines
  • Impaired Mobility Set Down
  • Ramp for Train Access
  • Wheel chairs Available
  • Impaired Access Staff Help 
  • Step Free Access
  • Lifts available to platforms via subway.  Alternatively there is a ramped footbridge. Staff are available to assist on request.

How far is Sellafield from Carlisle?

Carlisle to Sellafield 48.4 miles via A595 and 70.3 miles via M6 and A66.  It is quicker to drive or go by a taxi to this place.

How far is Carlisle bus station from the train station?

It is less than half a mile from Carlisle train station.

How much does it cost to go on the Settle to Carlisle railway?

You can travel by three different modes of transport i.e. by train, car and taxi. If you travel by train it is a 90 minutes journey. The fare is approximately between £17-35. Taxi should cost you £80-£100 during day time under tariff 1. If you are driving your own car then it costs you £15.

What time does Carlisle train station open?

Carlisle train station opens at 5:00 am in the morning and closes at 8:00pm in the evening under normal working conditions.

How long is the train journey from Carlisle to Glasgow?

If you are travelling by train, the journey is about 90 minutes.

Is there a car park at the train station?

There is a car park at the train station which is free for the first 20 minutes. The second car park is Situated behind Matalan, the Water Street Station 40 space car park is in a prime location to offer you convenient and affordable parking for Carlisle Train Station. More convenient and less distance to walk than to get to the front of the station, we offer a hassle-free option to reach the platforms in no time from the rear walk way into Carlisle Train Station and the lifts.

If you wish to use Payphone – The Water Street location code is: 804242

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Is there an interesting history about Carlisle railway station?

Carlisle railway station or Carlisle Citadel:  This could also be a Grade II listed railway station serving the town of Carlisle, Cumbria, England. It’s on the West Coast path. One hundred two miles (164 km) southeast of Glasgow Central, and 299 miles (481 km) northwest of London Euston. It’s the northern terminus of the Settle and Carlisle Line. A continuation of the Midland path from Leeds, Sheffield and London St Pancras. It’s so named because it’s next to Carlisle Citadel, a former medieval fortress. The station currently owned by Network Rail.

In September 1847, the primary services departed the station. It had been inbuilt a neo-Tudor style to the designs of English architect William Tite. Carlisle Station was one of the varieties of stations within the city. While the others were Crown Street and London Road, but it had been the dominant station by 1851. The opposite stations had their passenger services. They redirected to it and closed. Between 1875 and 1876, the station expanded. This was to accommodate the Midland Railway lines, and this was the seventh railway company to use it.

The closure program claimed neighbouring lines. This was including the Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway and Port Patrick Railway. In 1965, resulting in an enormous mileage increase via the Glasgow South Western Line & Ayr. To succeed in Stranraer Harbour, and ferries to Northern Ireland. The station layout has undergone few changes apart from the singling. Of the ex-NER Tyne Valley. the route to London Road Junction within the 1972–73 re-signalling scheme. , which related to the electrification of the West Coast path (WCML). Renovations to the platforms and glass roof performed between 2015 and 2018.

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