Taxi Guide to Heathrow Airport

One area of concern when traveling to new places is transportation.  Visiting big city like London, safety and security are important considerations when taking a taxi as a transport.

While taking your taxi service, verify that the taxi company has a legitimate license, which the local authority had issued.  You may easily authenticate the taxi company by browsing the web and look for their site.

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Airport Taxi to and from Heathrow Airport

Legitimate taxi companies have websites to promote their services as well as provide on line bookings.  Be doubtful once you cannot find any website or any article item referring to the transport company that you are taking.If you have not done that, once you have meet the taxi transport that you have pre-booked, check for a license plate or badge duly issued by the licensing authority, which is displayed conspicuously or else you ask directly the driver for such information.

Get to know your driver through the ID tag he is wearing. Do not neglect to know how much your trip would be.  After you have given instructions or described your itinerary, you must ask how much the total cost is.  It is very important that there is mutual agreement first before the trip for this would become binding to both parties. 

Please take note that you need to ask the driver to specify what services and charges are covered.  Would this include parking and waiting time charges while you collect your baggage or your flight was delayed? 

Take responsibility in getting other quotations for your reference to avoid getting overcharged.  You can easily do this by researching other transport services.

The taxi service that you are hiring has an important role in your successful trip, do not forget to list their contact details and give your mobile phone number too.

There might be some unforeseen delays like baggage conveyance, immigration, aircraft schedule, or delays caused by security spot checks.  When either of these happens, you just inform the taxi service that you contracted.Surely, the Heathrow taxi driver that you are taking would be your first friend and reliable contact in London.

Take advantage of this by arranging your return trip so that the same will be available when you leave London City.  Make your trip to London a blissful and memorable one through a safe and secure transport service of your choice.