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Cheap taxis in Carlisle

Cheap taxis near me

Cheap taxis near me – Is this what you are looking for? If you are answer is “Yes”, Then you are in the right page.

Are you looking for a cheap taxi for local city travel in Carlisle or for a long distance travel or an Airport transfer?

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Taxis near me

If you are looking for a cheap taxi to travel within the Carlisle city then we may have to disappoint you. This is because all the taxis within the Carlisle city use a taximeter. Your fare depends upon the distance you travel and time of the day you travel.

Taxi fares in Carlisle

Taxis in Carlisle operates on three different dates. We have mentioned this in our previous articles too. They are as follows.

Rate 1: 7 am to 11 pm.

Rate 2: 11 pm to 7 am

Rate 3: Applies on Bank holidays.

Rate 1 – starts are £3:00 as the starting charge and £4:00 for rate 2. The variation is not much. It is a few quid extra during the night-time which motivates the drivers to work at night shifts.

Why should we pay more?

Often, we get customers who ask us why should be pay rate 2. That is expensive. We have tried to convince them with our answers. If you are working on a night shift or a bank holiday you get extra wages than the normal day shift. In such a case why should we deprive a driver of his wages? What suppose we do this, and we have no taxi drivers working in Carlisle at night? Would you pay a price which is unreasonable? The answer is No.

Hence, the expertise in the taxi industry have foreseen these much in advance. Thanks to the Carlisle City Council who feel that the viewpoint is right. Hence, they have put a system in place. Now you have taxi fares displayed in all the taxis. This is mandatory for each taxi driver to display the fares in their taxis.

Long distance and Airport taxis

Taxis hired for long journeys and airport transfers too come under the same tariff. If you apply a meter rate to travel from Carlisle to Glasgow airport on rate 2 what may be the fare? It may be shocking.

You will end up paying up-to £300 for a single journey. This is where you can get quotes from different taxi companies to get a cheap taxi.

How to get quote from different taxi companies?

Browse the websites:

You need to browse the website to find out if there are any offers going on. If you get one of the best deals it is as good as getting a good bargain bucket of KFC. Why not? Even you save £25 then a bargain bucket from KFC can feed you with a decent meal.

Call different taxi companies

Call the taxi companies to find out if those offers are still available. Sometimes during rush hours these offers may not be applicable. When we say rush hours it is not the rush hours of the day we are referring to. Rush hours for long journeys are also considered as rate 2 or bank holiday hours.

Try your luck

On a bank holiday if you are getting a taxi for £200 to travel from Carlisle to Glasgow airport, then don’t miss the chance. Pay upfront and book it. They might have quoted you by slip of the tongue. Once you have paid the taxi company has to honour the deal.

It is not mandatory

It is not mandatory that they should. They may or may not tell you the reason for cancellation and will refund your entire amount. Most of the reputed taxi companies will keep up to their commitment. So, plan in advance and grab the best deal.

Check out for price match or price promise taxi companies

There are many taxi companies who are willing to offer price match promise. All you need to do is to show them the best quote you have received so far. You may get the taxi from this company for a lower price or at the same price.

“Every penny saved becomes a pound. Good luck. We love to see happy faces”.