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If you are visiting Carlisle for a day, then we would suggest you to visit the following places:

Carlisle Taxis

8-seater-taxi-Taxis-in-Carlisle Carlisle Taxis

Carlisle Taxis is a Carlisle based taxi company. Our telephone number is 01228 812612.

If you are looking for Carlisle Cabs, then, you are in the right place.

Visitors new to Carlisle city often search for a reliable Carlisle Taxi company because they need a prompt taxi service.

If you are in a similar circumstance, then, you should simply to call us on the number given below.

Carlisle-Taxis-3 Carlisle Taxis
Don't worry if you are running late for an appointment or to catch a train or a flight. We are there to help you. Our drivers will always be delighted to pick you up. Whether you need to be at the airport for a 6 AM flight with your family or getting a late taxi home from a work or a party, Taxis in Carlisle have got you covered. We can cater to your business or family needs with ease.

Tullie House Musuem: what a fantastic museum. There is lots to see when you are here in Carlisle. This musuem is worth the visit for both adults and kids. The staff are very knowledeable and you get to see varied things. Don't worry it is worth the efforts.

Carlisle Cathedral: Very impressive cathedral and grounds. It has all the usual cathedral features. Beautiful ceilings, carving, stained glass windows. Very interesting chapel to the Border Regiments. Lots of interesting history in the crypts, some of it very old. Visit this place and never forget to share this information about this with your friends.

We understand that your time is precious. Why not book a taxi for the whole day. Our drivers based in Carlisle can drive you around and be a local guide too. Call us to save your time on 01228 812612

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