Cab Management System is an advanced and fully integrated solution for the taxi companies – 01228 812612

The contemporary taxi management solution caters to all the needs of the present day taxi vendors. Right from the idle vehicle identification to the automatic dispatch to up-to-date records maintenance is what they do in their daily task.

Taxi or Cab Management System helps to offer a new level of customer service. They aid in faster dispatch of vehicles and promotes driver productivity. It’s their duty to ensure zero misuse, reduce customer waiting times and allows smooth flow of the taxis around the city.


Generally the GPS modules present in the cab management system provide functionalities like the map navigation and communication with drivers. It helps increase customer’s experience with the various types of booking possibilities like the internet, mobile Applications, SMS and IVR system. Some other features include speed reporting and vehicle maintenance tracking. The GPS tracking system produces reports that contain details about the taxi’s moving, idle, stop or lost GPS status and its GPS based locations. Often the performance of the taxis is also monitored by the management system, they can track the driving behavior and send real-time notifications. The Cab management system keeps real time tracking of vehicles and the status of the fleet with the conjunction of GIS GPRS, GPS, and Information technology. It even takes care of the security and safety, utility for drivers and passengers.


Generally, the taxi management systems are web-based applications with different modules like dispatch, vehicle registration, booking, and driver management. The basic process includes booking then the customer verification. After which the taxi dispatch agents find the nearest taxi from the customer’s pickup up address and on confirmation of the booking, the details of the same is send to the driver on phone or by SMS. The dispatched taxi details is delivered to the customer’s mobile.


Some of the advantages of this system are like:


An optimum multifaceted support for the taxis and taxi-drivers.

Each and every data is available online at all times.

Amazingly efficient organization in the taxi holding areas.

The guaranteed taxi quality satisfies all passengers.

Proper surveillance mechanisms.

If required, any individual taxi can be barred or blocked by the system.

The taxi services are timely and of high quality.

Regular or periodic assessment and penalty systems.

Discreet conversation with guides and drivers.

Optimum service life and availability.

The users are protected through licensing of accurately tested taxis.

Reasonable regulation for short trips.

The taxi waiting time is without the engines running.

An enduring consultancy with respect to efficient flow control just for the benefit of passengers and the operators.


So a proper Cab Management System has become an absolute essential part of all large taxi fleet operators as they help establish an excellent customer relationshipqSWmo5 Cab Management System is an advanced and fully integrated solution for the taxi companies - 01228 812612, reduce customer waiting times and allows smooth flow of Taxis around the city.


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