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Taxi from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway- 01228 812612

Taxi fare from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway

 Taxi from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway is around 16 miles. A taxi should be able to drive you to your destination in less than 30 minutes under regular traffic and road conditions. Book Nearest taxi to me – Taxis in Carlisle – 01228 812612.  Visit Bowness-on-Solway, know more about Hadrian wall, St. Michael Church, Kings Arms. Visiting St. Michael’s church becomes obligatory if you visit Bowness on Solway. Also, look for nice and affordable accommodation and pubs to chill out. Here are a few inputs for you from our editorial team including taxi fare.

Taxis in Carlisle operate on three different tariff rates. The first is the day rate which starts from 7 am to 11 pm. Second is the night rate starting from 11 pm to 7 am—finally, the bank holiday rate which starts from midnight and ending on the following night. For instance – If tomorrow is a bank holiday in the UK then tariff three would begin from today midnight 00:00 hours. It will end tomorrow at 00:00 hours. 

Taxi from Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway

Call us now and enjoy your taxi journey.

So, if you are looking to hire a taxi from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway, it depends upon what time of the day you wish to travel. It also counts on the number of people travelling in the taxi from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway or vice versa.

Based on the assumption that four people are travelling; taxi fare from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway is as follows:

Day Tariff: £ 30.00

Night Tariff: £ 40.00

Bank Holiday Tariff: £50.00

Download the taxi rates document before you travel. 

Call us to check if there are any special offers available. You can visit our Facebook Page to redeem your offers.

Buses from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway

Buses on this route are not as frequent as you expect it to be. There are buses on this route once in every three hours. The first bus from Carlisle Bus Station is at 06:35 am. The others are at 09:30am, 12:40pm, 15:05pm,16:30pm, and 18:10pm. The journey by bus is approximately 45 minutes. Download the bus timetable from Stagecoach. The first bus from Bowness on Carlisle Train Station is at 07:55 am.

Bus From Carlisle To Bowness On Solway

93 & 93A bus from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway

Please note that these timings may change. It is prudent that you have a check on their website to ensure that these timings are accurate. If they have changed, please let us know too at We will endure keeping this page updated to help other travellers also.

Who is Stagecoach?

Stagecoach bus is part of the Stagecoach Group and is one of the largest bus operators in the UK. You can find more information about their group on Stagecoach Group website.

Stagecoach bus operates express and local bus services across the country. They have an excellent network of intercity operations under the brand name See a map of where they operate to find out details about your local Stagecoach company.

Why people visit Bowness on Solway?

Hadrian’s wall is the most fantastic piece of a monument built by the Romans in Britain. The Hadrian wall is 73 miles long from Bowness on Solway to Newcastle Wallsend. It reminds us of the historical importance it had even today. Many historians come here for their research. People who love to walk always visit Hadrian wall. They either start their journey from Wallsend in Newcastle or Bowness on Solway. Now the walk referred to as a ‘National Trail.

Bowness On Solway; Hadrian wall; St. Michaels Church

Hadrian wall, coast-to-coast traverse across northern England explores a dramatic and diverse region. With the famous World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall at its heart. There is an ancient history Passing Roman settlements and forts. There are great views every step of the way. 

Bowness on Solway is very popular among the summer visitors to Cumbria. Local birdlife is another reason to visit. Dunes, salt marsh, shingle beds, and peat mosses make it a favourite spot with some species. There are viewpoints and lay-bys for spotting the waders. To name a few are – oystercatchers, curlew, and turnstone.

Bowness on Solway fort (Maia) 

The fort of Maia which used to be there now lies beneath the Bowness on Solway village. It was at the lowest point of Solway Firth. The remains of the fort were evident when William Camden visited this place in 1599. They were like the tracts of streets, ruinous walls which are now beneath the mud. As of today, there is nothing to see of its fabric. 

Who is William Camden?

 William Camden was born on the 2nd of May 1551. He was an English antiquarian, historian, topographer and officer of arms. During his lifetime he wrote Britannia, a detailed history and topography survey. They were in Great Britain and Ireland. Before he died on 9th of November 1623, he set up and endowment for lectureship in history. It was at Oxford University and became the King of arms. By doing this, he established a benchmark for excellence in research. His research inspired many antiquarians which led to many revivals of the study of Hadrian’s wall today.

St.Michael’s Church, Bowness on Solway

St.Michael’s church is a sturdy Norman building, with massive buttresses. It is on the site of the westernmost fort on Hadrian’s Wall. The church bell at St. Michael’s church belongs to the 17th-century. This bell has a fascinating history relating to the violent times of the Border reivers. 

Bowness-on-Solway; Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway; Hadrian wall; St. Michaels Church

St.Michael’s church

St.Michael’s church has a carved Norman font, and a good collection of 20th century stained glass windows. The Millennium Banner reflects life today on the Solway. It also has a fine collection of embroidered kneelers. In the churchyard, there is an 18th-century sundial, a smuggler’s grave and a hearse house. Don’t get confused at another church St.Michael’s at Brugh by Sands.

There is also a St.Michael’s church in the village of Burgh by Sands, Cumbria, England. It is an active Anglican parish church in the deanery of Carlisle, the archdeaconry of Carlisle, and the diocese of Carlisle. … The church is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade I listed building.

The Solway Churches

The Three Solway Churches belong to the medieval period. They are along the Solway Coast west of Carlisle; following the line of the Hadrians wall path and Cycleway. They are St Mary’s Beaumont, St.Michael’s Brugh-by-Sands and St.Michael’s Bowness-on-Solway.

Each of these churches has a unique and fascinating story to tell. They can provide not only a rich heritage experience of the local community to tourists. These churches also offer an educational resource for schools, both local and National. 

What is National Trail?

National Trails are long-distance footpaths and bridleways in England and Wales. The administration of these places done by Natural England. Natural England is a statutory agency of the UK government. Natural Resources Wales is also a part of it. They form a network of long-distance footpaths, covering more than 3,000 miles. There are 16 National Trails in England and Wales and 29 Great Trails in Scotland. More details are available at the National trial register.

What about accommodation in Bowness on Solway?

Wallsend Guest House is the first place where most of the tourist book their accommodation. We receive taxi bookings from customers to pick up or drop them at Wallsend Guest House in Bowness on Solway. They have around 74 reviews on Google. 74% of them have rated them with 5-star reviews—20% with 4-star reviews and 6% with 3-star reviews on Google. So definitely Wallsend Guest House is a place for a recommendation.

Wallsend Guest House

Our taxi customers always have praised this place. They are the best in their service and hospitality. 

Their address and contact details Wallsend Guest House are as follows:

Wallsend Guest House

The old rectory

Bowness on Solway




Ph: 016973 51055


The Kings Arms Bowness On Solway

The Kings Arms is an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Solway Firth.  They offer a wide selection of home-cooked meals. At the Kings Arms, they have a variety of vegetarian & vegan, gluten & dairy-free meals on their menu.

The Kings Arms - Bowness-on-Solway

The Kings Arms offers comfortable and inexpensive accommodation. It is a perfect base for those wanting to discover the Solway Coast further. Each bedroom has carpets, central heating, radio, television, hairdryer and decorated. 

The Kings Arms address and contact details

The Kings Arms 




Phone: 01697351426

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cheapest way to get from Bowness-on-Solway to Carlisle?

To cut the story short, the cheapest way to get from Bowness on Solway to Carlisle or vice versa is to walk 16 miles. It is the right country sidewalk enjoying nature and capturing some pictures on your camera.

The second cheapest way is to drive your car, which will be quick, and it should cost you £2.5 To £3 on diesel. It is only on diesel and does not include your time or wear and tear costs fit in it. Choosing this option will leave you with other open-ended questions? Where will you park your car? Is it going to be safe? If you are living locally in Carlisle, then this question does not arise. However, if you are a tourist, then you should consider these questions and the cost involved for your journey.

The third cheapest way is to travel by bus. We have given you more details on how to travel by bus from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway. Please refer to that paragraph for a piece of detailed information.

Last but not least, the best option is to hire a taxi. 

What is the fastest way to get to Bowness-on-Solway from Carlisle or vice versa?

The fastest way is to drive your car or hire a taxi from Carlisle. Here are a few of our thoughts which we would like to share with you.

When we go on holiday, we prefer to book a train for our long journey and use taxis for local trips. It is because the local taxi drivers have extensive knowledge about the local geographical area. They know the quickest routes which no navigator can show you on your devices. For instance, if you ask Google to navigate you from Carlisle Cricket Club to Pennine way in Harraby, Google will show the route as follows:

  1. Follow the road to Hardwick circus.
  2. At the roundabout, take the third exit and stay on the right lane.
  3. Follow the road to Spencer street.
  4. Take a right turn on Warwick road and be on the left lane.
  5. Follow the road on to the Crescent.
  6. Take a left turn on to Botchergate.
  7. Follow the road for 1.5 miles
  8. Be prepared to take a left turn on the Eastern way.
  9. Take a right turn on to Arnside road.
  10. Be prepared to take a left turn on the Pennine Way.
  11. You have reached your destination on the left or right.

But the local taxi driver will follow the same route. They will follow step 1, 2, 3, eliminate step 4, 5, 6 and then continue with step 7 to 11. What they do is take you straight after step 3 going directly from Spencer Street to Tait street which joins Botchergate. So, whom do we trust more?

Hiring a taxi can help you save time, plan well and enjoy your holiday. There are two kinds of holidays which you can opt for in simple terms. 1. Real Holiday and 2. Budget Holiday.

Real Holiday – The whole holiday is planned and budgeted much in advance. There is a contingency plan taken into consideration. Most of our customer prefer this kind of holiday. Let us explain this with an example.

Our taxi driver picked up a family from Carlisle to drive them to Newcastle Airport. Luckily, the family had left a few hours earlier to the airport. Unfortunately, when our taxi reached Hexam, they remembered that they have forgotten to pick up their passports. So the driver had to drive back all the way back to Carlisle and continue the journey to the airport again.

Though they had to pay extra for the taxi for their mistake, yet we appreciated that the customers did not show any signs of frustration, fretting, grumpy face or nasty at our driver for their error. How many of us have this kind of Qualities? These are the signs of good planning and not the signs of people with loads of money. 

Budgeted Holiday – This just takes a holiday for change of environment without much care or due consideration to planning and having a restricted budget.

How far is it from Bowness-on-Solway to Carlisle?

Bowness on Solway to Carlisle is 16 miles and takes approximately 35-40 minutes drive. By taxi, it would cost you £30 -£35 on day rate in Carlisle. Please read the taxi fare in Carlisle on this page.

How do I travel from Bowness-on-Solway to Carlisle without a car?

You have three options to do this. If you love walking you can walk from Bowness on Solway to Carlisle. If not, you can take a bus. The bus time table is available on this page. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi for your travel.

How long does it take to get from Bowness-on-Solway to Carlisle?

It takes 35-40 minutes to drive from Bowness-on-Solway to Carlisle or vice versa.

Where can I stay near Carlisle?

Most people who are our taxi customers book their accommodation in Wallsend guest house or the Kings Arms. There are other places you can search on Google which suits your budget and taste too. Wallsend Guest House and the Kings Arms is worth a try. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed. We have explained above about Wallsend Guest House and the Kings Arms. Please read it before you make a decision.

Is there any timetable of trains available from Carlisle for our journey?

Yes, trainline provides this information. Please visit the train time table from Carlisle for a detailed online report.

Are you available 24 hours to hire a taxi?

Yes, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Do you accept the advanced booking for group travel?

Yes, we accept advance booking up to 45 days from the day of your journey.

Do you accept card payments in your taxi to Bowness-on-Solway?

Yes, we accept card payments in all our taxis. You can pay over the phone with our operator.

Do we get any discounts for group travel to Bowness-on-Solway?

Yes, you get discounts for your group travel. Contact us on 01228 812612 or 01228734575 and speak with one of our operators.

Can I pay in advance by card for my travel to Bowness-on-Solway?

Yes, you can pay in advance for your travel.

Are there two St.Michaels’ Church in Bowness on Solway?

There are two churches which are named as St.Michael’s church. The first is at Bowness on Solway and the second is at Brugh by sands. St.Michael’s church at Brugh by Sands was built within the Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall late in the 12th Century. It occupies the probable site of one of the central buildings in the fort – perhaps the granary.

The west tower is probably the earliest of three surviving examples of fortified churches in the 14th Century. The vestry has a blocked 15th-century window, an 18th-century round-headed window and, in the upper storey, a 19th-century sash window.

Do I get a receipt for the payments I have made?

Yes, you get an electronic or paper receipt for the payments you have made to us. We will email you or send it to your phone for your records.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can cancel the booking anytime. There will be a deduction of 2.69% of card processing charges.

If you need any other information to be added please write to us at Help us to make this page better and more information so that we can update this page. This could help others too.


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