Are taxis working in Carlisle?

Carlisle taxis are working as usual in the day time until the lockdown is over. But they many not be operating during nights where it is considered as non essential needs. If you need a taxi you can contact us on 01228 812612.

Corona Virus - Tips and advise

Infection is not like flipping a switch.

Your body will fight even an unknown virus, but not as effectively.

If you get just a few virions, you will be able to deactivate them and avoid infection.

If you come in contact with more, you may get light symptoms but eventually fight off the infection and get better.

Get a high viral load though, and the virus might overwhelm even a young organism in a good shape.

This means that even if steps you take are not 100% effective in preventing infection, they still might save your life, and lives of others.

Infection prevention measures add up nonlinearly.

Just as the spread of the virus grows exponentially with more interactions, it falls exponentially as the virus gets less opportunities to spread.

Which means that if everyone reduces their exposure to the virus by 30%, the rate of infection will be slowed by much more than 30% and potentially by 80–90%.

The virus is not the only side in this battle that can weaponize power laws, so do not lose hope.


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